What is a Period?

What is a period?  Well, in technical terms it is the 5-7 days out of every month where you feel like your entire body is just crumbling, and that's okay! Most women feel that way. The short definition of a period is when your uterus wall begins to shed. Your period is just releasing unneeded uterus tissue. When you begin your period you will feel very achy. It's very important to keep up with hygiene and changing your pad or tampon ever few hours. You will also PMS and have mood swings, those are just your hormones being chaotic. It's also important to change your undies and put deodorant on because your hormones make you sweat like crazy and the undies because it helps with comfort making you feel clean.  

Breaking the STIGMA!

Stigma you might ask? Well, as those who menstruate we have come to the conclusion that other's around us no matter what gender out there, they find periods gross and degrading to them. They say that its gross and that we as women shouldn't not be proud of it.  Did you know that there are over 5,000 slang words in 10 different languages used to say the word period and most are rude or derogatory toward menstruation. I say I am on my "ladies days". I don't know why I use that term but I do. In most period commercials they use blue water. I don't really no why but my older brother said that it's to "not gross out men".   In my opinion blood is blood. Yes, period blood is thicker and sometimes is a lot darker than normal blood but it's blood. If you saw a gory commercial for a horror movie with blood why is that not gross? Granted it is for some people but for others they like that horror blood aspects of said commercial. But I promise you that it's not gross. Yes it sucks during the time being but it's a part of life. Take that stigma and crush it. You shouldn't have to feel ashamed. It's all apart of growing up.