How to give back

So many girls, women, and trans people in this world don't have the access to menstruation products. I am here to figure out how to help them and I would love your help to do so. 

Some things you can do to help out...

  • Donating to a shelter with children
      • There are many shelters where families go to when they are struggling, a lot of the time they have zero menstrual products there though any little bit helps.
  • Hang out/Help at a shelter
    • These young kids are going through a lot of pain when on their period and not to mention the fact that they are in a tough situation sometimes they just need a laugh. Plus it is always good to visit anyone in a tough situation. 
  • Help a small business 
    • Many small businesses work together to create environmental safe products or they create care packages with multiple menstrual products in it. These people are the people that take action and helping them is helping the world.
    • These businesses not only rely on donations but mostly help for the community.

There are many different ways to give back but sometimes it depends on the situation of the people and where in the world that they live. Some people just need something to keep them warm, (trust me being cold on your period sucks) others need umbrellas either for shade or to keep the rain away, some people need food, and some people just need a smile. If you see someone in a tough situation and they are asking for money for food and clothes, if you are going to help out give them what they need don't give them money, if they need the things that they are asking for you will be helping out exponentially, but sometimes people use that money for the wrong things. Get creative with helping out if you are happy when helping out instead of just doing it to do it, I promise it will make these girls, women, and trans people a lot happier.