necessary as sanitary products there are just two products right? Nope!

When it comes to your options for sanitary products there are more than just pads and tampons. Cups, disks, and period proof underwear. Some of which are even reusable! 

Somebody that menstruates will spend an average of $120 a year in on tampons alone! Outrages eh? but this isn't about the corporate government (aliens are real and the rich are crippling the world), That is for another time.  Pads and tampons are uncomfortable, over priced and odiously can not be reused safely or comfortably. But period proof underpants are for sale at around $30 a pair, sounds steep when you first hear it but a good pair should last you around a year. there are a few different brands to chose from with even masculine or gender neutral pairs from some brands!  

Cups are like they sound, cups, they are a more eco friendly option.

disks are  inserted to catch blood.

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