As a pre-T young Trans man, periods are hard. You struggle with the classic period pains but along with a dreaded enemy for most FTMs, enbes, etc. dysphoria. I am not claiming to know every tip  and trick for dealing with your period and being trans, but maybe somebody  could use guidance from your trans big brother, Me, Kody!

Binding (  something to flatten your natural cheats) on your period is going  even more painful than normal, your chest is already going to be very tender and binding will not help. First there are the classic binding rules, I hope you have heard them but if you need a reminder.

1.Don't sleep with your binder on this includes layered gym bras, you will wake up unable to breath. ( I did this more than I would like to admit, it hurts.)

2. No ace bands EVER, I do not want you to brake your little ribs!

3. No more than 8 hours and if your body says less, than it's less!

but when on your period try not to bind at all, but if you can, try to go down to 4 hours. the classic FTM "layering" trick is not 3 hoodies and 4 button up shirts, a tank top will do a world of good and under a shirt or if do able a hoodie.  

If you need to cry under your covers to bedroom pop, that's totally normal and fine, and if you wanna blare death metal because you don't fell good that's great you can bleed and head bang at the same time, it's more hard-core! 

Boxer and pads don't mix, the baggy plaid ones that you may have aren't built for that, BUT you can put them over your pad holding underwear. 

Tea and Advil are your friends.

Have some chocolate and try and take it easy on yourself, binging a favorite show is a good way to stay distracted.

you're not any less masculine or vailed. Much love, :)